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Current Puppies and Litters


With the help of our friends and other breeders we are thankful to be
able to continue our breeding program. We only produce litters when
our goal is to produce puppies for competition. Only a select few of
these babies will be retained and considered competition quality. The
majority of our babies will be placed selectively with loving families as
family companions.

Currently we do have puppies available and are taking a limited
number of verbal reservations for our summer and fall litters.

Please visit our Available page for puppies that are ready to go now.
Please contact us for information about puppies that will be ready to
go in the near future from May - October.

We are currently looking for one or two families located near Staunton,
Waynesboro or Harrisonburg VA that would be interested in raising
our litters of puppies for us. If you would like more information
please send us an email.

With the help of our wonderful puppy raisers and their families we are
expecting litters from our line in 2017. They give our babies the love
and attention they require to become well rounded, healthy and happy
adults and are raised according to our precise rearing program that has
been established by me through many years as a breeder. This includes
the Bio-Sensor method of training!

Puppies are allowed to begin going to their new homes no sooner than 9
weeks of age. All puppies in the litter must be naturally weaned for 3 weeks,
weigh a minimum of 4 lbs, be evaluated for energy level; train-ability and
personality as well as pass their physical examinations by a veterinarian
before joining their new families.

Though most of our Beagles do run rabbits they are AKC show bred primarily.
This means they are not your average Beagle you see in your neighborhood.
Show bred Beagles are typically more stocky, have less energy, are more
outgoing and usually more attentive and easily trained. We do however produce
some higher energy puppies and though all of our babies are carefully placed
these we must take exceptional care in the placement of these. My "high"
energy level may not be what you imagine though so a description of your
family, what activities you will be perusing and your general schedule will give
me a great idea of how our opinions of energy levels compare.

- Be dewormed at regular intervals.
- Be given their Duramune Max 5/CVK/4L vaccinations when due.
- Be given Bronchi Shield III kennel cough preventative.
- Be given Heartworm preventative monthly starting at 8 weeks.
- Be introduced to house and crate training.
- Be given an evaluation for energy level, personality, train-ability and disposition.
- Come with an outstanding health and satisfaction guarantee and one week trial period.
- Come with AKC limited (non-breeding) registration.
- Come with lifetime support and mentor-ship.
- Come with a free consultation concerning puppy proofing, training and other subjects.
- Come with multiple articles concerning bonding, positive reinforcement and other topics.
- Personally delivered to you within 350 miles of Staunton VA at no additional charge.


Personal delivery up to 350 miles of our location is included in the purchase price
of your new puppy. This allows us to see where the baby will be living and how they
interact with their new prospective family members and other pets. It also allows me
to answer any crate placement and puppy proofing questions. If we arrive and after
the initial introduction we feel that the fit is not a good one we fully understand and
will be happy to take the puppy right back home. If the puppy seems to be a good fit
we allow a one week trial period to be certain.

We do offer personal ground delivery up to 10 hours driving distance (650 miles)
and also offer airline shipping in accordance to the current USDA guidelines. We
can assure you that shipping your puppy by airline is safe and puppies that are
well adjusted are not traumatized during the flight. There are strict federal
regulations in place concerning how animals are cared for during airline transport
and in all of my years of breeding I have shipped countless puppies and have
never had a puppy become lost, inured or traumatized. If you are interested in
shipping by airline there are additional fees for the shipping crate, veterinary health
certificate and the actual cost of shipping which is usually between $340-$380.
We prefer to use Delta or United counter to counter service.